The story of internet


We have all seen immense changes to our digital lives in the last few years: mobile devices, apps, digital photography, geolocation, prototyping and streaming media (to name just a few) have advanced at an unprecedented rate. 

Maybe it helps to take a look at the story of internet to see how we have got here. Some key milestones:

1971: the first email is sent

1978: the first spam email is sent

1989: the World Wide Web begins as a CERN project called ESQUIRE

1990: the first website is created

1993: the first search engine is launched

1994: the first e-commerce transaction is made

1994: the first banner ad is appears

1995: the first automated order on eBay is made

1998: Google launches

2002: the first social network (Friendster) is launched

2004: Mark Zuckerberg launches at the Harward University

2006: Facebook becomes an open system

2010: Instagram launches

You can find more milestones in the Internet timeline from Pew Research.