The class of 2015


A video made by Mr Youth, a social media agency working with many of the world’s leading brands to connect them with today’s digitally savvy consumers.

According to them, students are social media machines. Of the Class of 2015, 50% have over 300 friends on Facebook, 43% have “liked” more than 23 brands, 40% visit Facebook more than 10 times/day, 67% access social sites from their smart phone, 75% upload photos via mobile devices, and 58% use Twitter “all the time.”

If you streamline their journey, they’ll socialize the experience to help their friends and get “cool cred” (read: social currency) for being in the know. Brands should not just solve their need, but bake in social through every step of the process. If a tool helps students design their dorm room, the producer should offer the ability to share their “dream dorm” across social to collaborate with roommates and get friends input on selected products. As their peers engage with this content through their feeds, they’ll experience the company’s platform first hand and ultimately create, curate, and share a room of their own.




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